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Advisory Services

Turnaround & Restructuring

When a business becomes distressed, rapid changes require quick and decisive action.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced team to help assess the root causes of the distress and implement immediate solutions is critically important. In these urgent situations, Windstream Capital’s Advisory Services Group can offer stakeholders a range of turnaround and restructuring services designed to stabilize the troubled company’s operational and financial positions, help it preserve value, and return to sustained profitability and growth.

Growth Strategy

Drive value for your business by creating and executing a strategic plan for accelerating growth.

Most companies today can use another set of eyes and a fresh perspective on how to drive growth for their business. Understanding the current changes and nuances in marketing, sales, supply chain and the many other components that contribute to growing a company is what we provide to business owners, company boards and invested stakeholders. Without a sound and well thought out plan, execution becomes nearly impossible.


Properly capitalizing a business will help determine its growth, sustainability and ability to weather tough market conditions.

Financing isn’t just about raising capital, its about raising the right type of capital from the best suited financial partners. Whether you’re looking to refinance old debt, complete and acquisition, drive sales growth, or buy new equipment – we create a custom tailored financing plan that meets the companies specific objectives while connecting with financial partners that can grow with the company’s ongoing needs.

Exit Planning

Maximize your company’s valuation and establish a processes for a smooth transaction.

Selling a business incorporates a wide range of strategies and business operations that involves practically every component that is on a company’s balance sheet and income statement. Maximizing value also requires a strong combination of art and science. Creating value below the bottom line involves the structure, psychology and a company’s market positioning that creates the perception and essence of value. We create a detailed strategy and mission plan to extract and maximize value.

Inventory Optimization

Eliminate write-offs, minimize theft, improve on-time delivery and the bottom line.

Inventory Optimization is one of the most important operational goals, yet it is often overlooked.  Companies involved in the sale of products as well as services see their underperformance in terms of missing Revenue and elevated COGS.  Underlying these negative financial events is inventory mismanagement, and specifically inventory inaccuracy.  Sales are lost or delayed because the inventory “in the system” does not physically exist, and as a result, premiums are paid to vendors in order to remedy these urgent situations.  Windstream Capital works with your team, usually within a 3 to 6 month engagement, to apply a formula that solves the inventory problem permanently and allows your company to maximize profitability.

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