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About Us

The mission of Windstream Capital is to address an important and unfulfilled need in the private equity space. Above and beyond financial engineering, we take a strong stance on operational excellence and building value beyond the bottom line.

Windstream Capital differentiates itself in that all three founders leverage successful careers as hands-on executives, with demonstrated experience in transforming technology focused companies for the benefit of investors.  We work across the enterprise, defying boundaries, to make the strategic decisions while also navigating the day-to-day tactical management roles. Our approach is holistic, optimizing the full range of stakeholder objectives to put our portfolio companies on growth trajectories to deliver sustainable profitability.

In the transformation of distressed companies, we apply an approach that supports the well-being and growth of the company and its employees, creating a flywheel of lasting positive impacts and seamless exit strategies.

For Companies and Investors that would like to connect with us, email:

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